WARNING: Found Nested (level 4) trigger comparison type

Hi Guys,
First of all: hello to all - i'm new here in HE world (not so new at WebCore, used on ST before).
I start to make my migration from ST to HE yesterday, and one of the reasons was WebCore - my favorite to create custom rules.
I moved the first 3 pistons and in one of them I got this kind of warning, the piston doesn't fully work:
"WARNING: Found Nested (level 4) trigger comparison type...."

Is anybody know what is the reason? In ST same piston worked like a charm.

You can ignore the warning if you like, but what it is attempting to do is point out that the if statement following may never get executed because of the way that is is nested.

because you use the device:attribute earlier in the piston in a tracking comparison, you should be fine.

Guys, Thank you for the fast reply!
Ok, how to rewrite this piston to not have the error?
It is simple light on and off piston when where no motion detected in 10 minutes turning light off:

1/ If MotionSensor1 changes to Active
2/ Than Light1 turn on
3/ If Motions sensor ???....

...inactive for 10 minutes
5/Light1 Turn on

Please help me with this example above. What Condition/Trigger I should use to make this piston work?In ST i remember used trigger "Stays inactive for 10 min" and worked.

I made it once again from scratch, the simplest possible way - and it works now!! :smiley:

But still don't understand what is the difference and why it works now :laughing:

you did not have to rewrite it (because you used the device:attribute in a tracking comparison in the piston at the top).

But as always there multiple ways to write an automation

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