WARNING bug in Iris V1 contact sensors

Just a warning about an issue I experienced with my Iris V1 contact sensors. I have about 20 which paired and functioned properly EXCEPT for some which reported battery status in the negative ("-79" etc.). I tested some, but not all, to see if they functioned properly otherwise and they did. Last night when the alarm activated itself per the mode I setup I realized I had a left a door opened, which should have triggered the "contact sensor open" rule which prevents arming (and which works perfectly otherwise). Both the dashboard and the device list showed the contact in question as "closed" even though the door was open. I then closed and opened the door repeatedly while checking on the dashboard to see if it registered the change in status. It didn't. It kept showing the contact sensor as closed. On a hunch I replaced the battery and THEN the contact sensor updated its status properly in the dashboard. I then went to other V1 contact sensors, both those that report the battery status properly and those that do not, and among those with the incorrect battery status, I found 2 more contact sensors with dead batteries that were shown as "closed" in the dashboard and some which were still being shown as "open" or "closed" when I tested them even though their battery status is incorrectly reported. If your contact sensor displays a NEGATIVE BATTERY STATUS you better check that it reports its status properly, since it could be an entry point that would not trigger and alarm. Also, any contact sensors displaying a negative battery status will have to have their battery changed, since apparently they will not properly report they are running low in power or lost connection, which is a bug, right? Anyone else experiencing this? Has anybody received a "lost connection" from a V1 contact sensor that displayed a negative battery status? Thanks.

UPDATE: went back to all my sensors that were incorrectly reporting battery status one by one. I removed and then reinserted the battery, which then prompted the system to correctly report the power. In some cases, they were very low ("9%", etc.) but they still had power. These were the ones that although incorrectly reporting their battery status were correctly reporting the sensor as "Open" or "closed". Others had dead batteries, and after replacing them function normally in both status and battery power left. Hope this helps.

UPDATE 2: On a whim I decided to check all the rest of my V1 contact sensors around the perimeter. I found 1 that showed the battery as being 86%, and "closed" but it would not update the status upon testing. I changed the battery to a brand new one and the battery status did not change. In this case the battery was not dead, and installing a fresh battery did not fix the issue as with the other sensors. I ended up having to remove it from the system and re-pair it for it to register the battery and open/close status properly. If you are using V1 contact sensors that show enough battery percentage you should check them to see if they are actually working or not by purposely triggering them.

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I just noticed a few of my window sensors arent changing their status. I'll pull out their batteries in the morning and see if it fixes it

were the battery statuses all over the place (negative numbers/single digits)?

One window is -79, another window shows 56% and 20%.