WARNING about webCoRE


Life360. The default choice. I suppose you can call this non "native" but that just seems like semantics.

In any event, I may switch to doing presence via HA if Life360 continues to drop presence events.


Thanks, just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing something.


I'm sorry you had trouble in your latest update. I offered to assist you in resolving this but you refused.


Well. There's a statement.
I take it you are not happy with webCoRE.
You do not have to use it.


I think it's phenomenal that you guys are still keeping up with this. I find it to be very dev friendly and easy to debug. Made the switch over to RM during the earlier WC woes but have always been following your progress. May consider putting it back on my "controller" hub now that I have a multi-hub setup.

Thanks again @nh.schottfam!!!!