Want setup a bedtime scene that will have a timer on the Lutron lights and power to TV

I'm looking for a way to setup up a 'time for bed' scene/automation that when activated (for example) power on lights and tv will put a timer on the created scene for 30 minutes so it will power off the TV and lights after the scene is activated by Alexa. Is that possible?

Easy. Set a virtual switch as the trigger. Set your actions with the scene turning off the lights and tv, and then delay that by 30 minutes. You'll see the option to delay when you setup the action in the RM trigger.

Expose the virtual switch to Alexa and assign it to an Alexa routine.

I want to thank you for taking time to respond to my question.

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You're most welcome. Does it makes sense at this stage? Here's an example of the HE part.

this is my exact scenario...

Alexa, time for bed

  1. turns off master bedroom Ceiling lights
  2. turns off master bedroom accent lights
  3. turns off master bedroom chandelier
  4. lowers hunter Douglas (powerview) hub blinds
  5. turns ON master bedroom table lamps 50%
  6. turns on Directv in
  7. in 30 minutes
    turn off directV and master bedroom table lamps

I have lutron caseta light switches and they are working perfectly with Hubitat.

This is possible with conditional IF-Then actions. However, for simplicity, you can just make a second triggered rule. Trigger the scene with everything you want to turn off without delay in the first triggered rule. Trigger the scene with the things you want to happen after 39 minutes in the second triggered rule, adding no the delay as shown in my example.

Trigger both rules with the same virtual switch. There are other ways to do this, but this will work just as well.

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