Wallbox pulsar plus integration?


Is there any Wallbox Pulsar and Hubitat users out there? Just noticed that someone in HA community has built an integration and I was wondering if I find great news from here too.. but did not.
I'm not a coder and I was wondering is there easy steps to convert something from Home Assistant to Hubitat or are they completely different?

HA uses Python coding, while HE uses Groovy so unless you know both it’s a wee bit of a chore to port; actually becomes more of a rewrite regardless, but if the API is exposed it can be done.

There seems to be no official API but somehow someone managed to reverse engineer an API, build an integration and people are happy.

You could also just use the HA integration, and bring it into Hubitat using Home Assistant Device Bridge.


This is where Home Assistant Device Bridge shines. It's a lot to ask a small team to build all these device integrations. HA being open source means that the people who want an integration can build it and get lots help. There's no stack of devices that one or two people have to integrate. They can focus on just the device they want to work.

So I and many others choose to use HA as a bridge for devices not yet compatible (or never will be for one reason or another), and we use Hubitat as the main automation hub and/or another bridge for devices and other integrations. Neither hub can do everything, but together you can do more than any single hub available.


This could actually be a good solution. Thanks for the tip.


Yep I'm already using Hubitat and Smartthings so one hub more doesn't matter :slight_smile: Just found my rasp and maybe tonight I'll install HA.


This seems to be the actual implementation that runs under HA: https://github.com/cliviu74/wallbox/blob/master/wallbox/wallbox.py

It wouldn't be too difficult for someone to port that into a Hubitat integration.

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How who what when???? :smiley:

Would definitely be interested in this as well to use in concert with solar generation monitoring and only charge my vehicle on excess solar generation

I have created an integration for wallbox chargers for hubitat. Hope you find it useful.

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