Wall mounted tablet

I'm thinking of picking up this one [18.5 Inch Rk3399 Quad Core Hd Screen Android 7.1 Capacitive Touch Screen All In One Pc - Buy All In One Pc,Rk3399 All In One Pc,18.5 Inch All In One Pc Product on Alibaba.com] to wount as my main display.

I would run Fully and Hubitat dashboards with it.

Any feedback on this device. Does it look suitable for this purpose? At $215 the price is right.

Android 7. Hmm. I got a cheap Chinese tablet running 7 and it doesn't support Hubitat or the version of Chrome needed to run the dashboards due to a WebView issue. So just be ready for all of that potential headache.

I have a Samsung Tab-A, running Android 7.1.1 with Fully Kiosk Browser v1.16 and all my dashboards are running perfectly.
That said, Samsung is not another brand and I can't say anything about compatibility.

*Edit: I have also several chinese android tablet/dual boot (win/Android) tablets. The main problem I have with those tablets is that, even fully connected to the charge port - usb, the running tablet discharge itself a little bit until dead. I never had a single charge problem with the Samsung Tablet

Thanks for the feedback. I'll wait before I commit.