Wake up to Alexa telling me the weather

I have a Wakeup Rule that executes at 5:15am in the morning. I would like when this rule fires at 5:15am, that it makes an announcement on my Alexa "Alex tell me the weather", and then continues the Rule. Is there a way of doing this automatically?

Create a virtual contact sensor.
Share the sensor to Alexa.
On wakeup open the sensor.
In Alexa create a routine if virtual contact opens tell me the weather.
close contact at night.


Thank you for the quick response, I will retry this.

This did not work, as a virtual switch is not recognizable in Alexa SmartHome. It says to has to be a sensor.

Yeah, it needs to be a virtual contact sensor.

OK, that worked

How do you control the virtual contact switch in Hubitat. Or how do you execute it?

You'll need to use rule machine.
Trigger: Mode change
if mode is day contact open
if mode is night contact close

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