Wake me up

Anyone know how I can automate Google Home relay or just google home to set an alarm on my bedroom home to wake me up? I have the below rule setup but all I get is I do not support alarms at this time.

Anyone implemented anything similar with success?

You could use the native HE app called Chromecast Integration and then using RM make a rule that uses the Speak this message on this device action to do this. You could go alarm clock feature crazy using a button and RM if that's something you want to do.

thank you @bptworld I usually manually set an alarm each night on my google home really look for an automated way to set this for me each night. No big deal if none exist but something I would like to use and I find it hard to believe there is not an easy solution out there. I don't want to disturb the wife with lighting etc and honestly I usually wake up before the alarm but feel better knowing it is ready in case I over sleep.

Thanks @mpoole32 I have that installed I may look into this further.

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