Wake me up?

Hi Mark
I speak as I find..
the good part, there are some wonderful people here, Rob and BTPworld are brilliant examples!
the not so good?
literally nothing worked out of the box!
and my point is?
I don't believe this is ready in any way for "normal" users!
all the smartthings stuff, just worked, out of the box.
now I am aware that smartthings have a head start with supplying the sensors and switch
but it just worked.
that was the point I was getting at.
at this point HE seems entirely reliant on it's community.
a great community for sure,
but not "customer support" in the normal user sense :slight_smile:

Hi again!
fantastic work!
hopefully, I will get home tonight to test it!
all installed ok anyway :slight_smile:
installed it from work using a VPN
Love and peace

I think it all depends on your hardware. Because with me it almost all just works. Out of the box.
And yes there are things that do not work yet. But they will in time. And I think people aren't realizing that the team behind HE is way smaller then the team behind smartthings. And also is Samsung a little longer working on ST then the Hubitat is working on HE. ST probably wasn't that great in the first year of it's release, if you even knew of it's existence. Because I think smartthings only got it's real adoption from it's main customer from the time Samsung joined. Therefore I don't like when we compare the two. Yes they share a lot. But they have totally different goals, and therefore budgets (big data for Samsung is a major budget opener).

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sorry Homeauto2112,
the reference to "I should know how it works" wasn't aimed at HE I know I don't know much about that,
the reference was, being in tech support myself, I should know better than venting at people who are trying to help
my patience issue stems from the fact of explaining why stuff that has worked OK for a few years no longer works to my S/O