Wait and master motion zone issues

Hey guys. Is anyone else having issues with wait commands in rules and motion zones? I’m trying to troubleshoot a couple of rules, and it looks like both are just hanging, as my rules are pretty simple. Drives me batty when lights stay on, LOL

Thanks so much!

Waits in Rule Machine have been working well for me. Could you post a screenshot of your rule?

Sure, here you go. Thanks so much for your advice.

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So the Master bathroom light won’t turn off after both sensors detect no motion for 5 minutes? Any chance the battery might be dead in one of the sensors and it might be stuck as active? This happened to me more than once…

Otherwise, can you turn on logging and post your logs from when it doesn’t turn off but should?

You may also want to include any settings on the devices themselves and the motion zone child app. I expect delays configured in all of these can play a part, but may not necessarily be the issue.

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Thanks so much guys. After a ton of digging, it looks like I’ve just got a couple of devices that are occasionally missing signals/dropping the ball.

My question is: If I add a second Hubitat, will that improve things? The footprint of my house isn’t an issue, so I don’t think range extenders would help, But I’m open to any ideas. :slight_smile:

I’m curious as to the device you are using. Some devices are better than others.

For some devices, adding a range extender can help. I now have range extenders all over my house and my sensors work pretty much flawlessly. Some of those are mains powered devices, but quite a few are USB Tuya Zigbee 3.0 receivers.

Hi Sebastien. The devices that appear to be dropping the ball are two Homeseer motion sensors. When I dig around in the logs, they’re picking up motion accurately, but they occasionally don’t send any signal back to my Hubitat. That said, nothing is more than 20 feet from the hub.

That said, I might try a couple of range extenders. They surely can’t hurt. :slight_smile:

Range extender rarely hurt! :wink:

To be sure I understand, sometimes you know there was motion, but neither the device or the hub logs report that motion?

Yes, the logs show the Homeseers picking up the motion, but no signal going from the Homeseers to the hub. So irritating. :wink:

Yea, that would be annoying!

I’m not familiar with Homeseer - are your Homeseer devices connected directly to Hubitat? I’d be curious to see a screenshot of the log.

I’ll see if I can dig the logs out for you. I like the Homeseers because they plug-in directly to the outlet, so they never need batteries and (at least in theory!) act as repeaters.

I have a few spare Aerotec 7 multisensors that I might swap out for the Homeseers. :slight_smile:

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