I can't wait to try out the new voices . . .
(I just installed

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There are several good ones. I am using "Amy, Female, British English" myself!

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Sorry my ignorance, but where you use this new voice, or how? I know where to choose it but I don't know how to use it. Thanks.

Thanks for your reply, I know it's there, but I don't know how to hear it, or use it, I supposed to use it with a Sono?

You write a rule in Rule machine to use the voice. Here is an example of one that reminds me to take the trash cans to the street every sunday

Yes, it works with Sonos, and the Hubitat app called Rule Machine.

Thank you, that's why I don't know how to use it, I don't have a Sonos, I have Google Homes everywhere using OtherHub linked to ST to control devices with voice until HE gets the GH support. I will read about those Sonos.

I don't have Google Home but I know they have been working on TTS on this thread.


I use this. It works really well. Looks daunting to setup, but it’s really not difficult if you follow the right instructions. Check the thread. I got very confused until @ogiewon pointed my to the right instructions to make it easier.

I'm currently using my Raspberry Pi connected to a speaker. Works great and also runs all my other stuff like Homebridge, Grafana, InfluxDB etc.

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I have a Pi, I was trying Home Assistant, I don't even knew that you can connect a speaker to it. Thanks for the info.

You can also run VLC player on a spare computer or a RPi, and either connect a speaker right there, or cast to Google Home. However, cast has the disadvantage that it disconnects ever 5 min, so there’s quite a delay and a tone before it reconnects and either plays a sound or speaks.

I would recommend the node.js server for TTS with Google Assistant, as that uses the built in voices you’re used to and there’s no delay like you’re going to get with casting from VLC Player.

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@DeveloperDavidB in your trash day reminder you have trigger and condition and I have been trying to get a "select trigger event and select conditions but have been unable to. Can you tell me how you did that. I don't know much when it comes to programming. Thanks

It's a type of Rule. A Triggered Rule, vs a Trigger or vs a Rule. It's the third option when you create a new Rule:


Yes to what @csteele said. Make sure you have rule machine installed in the Apps section. Click on New rule, choose Triggered rule.

Anyone figured out which voice is the closest to the Alexa voice?

@csteele and @DeveloperDavidB Thanks for your help.

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For this trash day reminder as an example: how would one go about to have it fire of every other week on specified day?