Voice Control in the Automated Home


Why in the world are you guys calling yourselves idiots? Great things come from both of these platforms. The free ride's almost over though, so enjoy them while you can.


I saw that and honestly, I don't care about Alexa pushing skills as it's been going on for awhile now (since July of 2018, I think). Basically, it's nothing more than Amazon's CanFulfillIntentRequest interface.

Personally, I think the guy overreacted a bit. If Alexa were pushing things like actual products that she then forced someone to buy, I would probably feel differently. But, suggesting "ask me where to drop in Fortnite" isn't really that big a deal to me.

"Idiots"? Nope. Geniuses. :smiley:

I have 6 GH, 4 GH Minis, 4 Echo Shows, 2 Echo Spots, 2 Echo Inputs, 4 Echos (Gen 2), 2 Echos (Gen 1) and 1 Tap. I live in ALL THE WORLDZ! LOL


It is kind of pushing a product though, since Amazon owns Twitch. I do see the slippery slope in that action.


Me: "Alexa: Shuffle my playlist: Jazz favorites"
Alexa: I can't find your playlist: jags favorites. Here's a playlist: Loud and caustic hip hop crap."
Me, yelling: "Alexa stop!" (no result...) "Alexa, (slight pause...) STOP!" (still screetching crap) "ALEXA" (longer pause, making sure it turns blue) "STOPPPP!" (finally stops)
Me: "Alexa: never play hip hop again"
Alexa: "I don't know how to do that."

Note: The ONLY good thing I can say about Alexa is that it annoys me slightly less than Google assistant on my car's Android Auto. With that, I might as well say "OK Google, play random noise". At least that way, I'd expect random noise.

So yeah, I have well over a $K invested in gadgets that are less reliable at doing what I ask than my 6 year old grandson. I think "idiot" applies. :slight_smile:


Have you trained your voice on your devices? I had that problem with both platforms and I went through and did voice training a few times and that hasn't happened to me in months now.


I've never had success with the voice training, but it was more than a year ago that I tried. Maybe I should give it another shot on mine too. When I first tried it, it seems to understand much less, so I deleted the voice training and it seemed to improve.

Probably will be a better experience now.


My wife and I both did it about 4 months ago(?). Since then, both GH and Alexa have been able to understand us much better. Once in a while, they still get confused, but my shouting matches with them have gone down a lot.


I bet your stock portfolio / IRA / 401k is pretty well balanced.


My Sonos Play One seems to need some help in the Alexa department. Very often, I will say "Alex turn of the bedroom lights" and the lights will go off and then she says "Sorry that device is not responding":roll_eyes:


Same here. Might be time to try again.


I've seen that a lot not just from my Sonos One, but any Alexa device. What's I've found is that it is usually Hubitat not returning a response to Alexa as quickly as it would like. Also, if it's a custom device (Sonoffs and Harmony activities mostly), and any error is logged, then Alexa won't get a proper response and say that the device isn't responding (when it clearly is).

To be fair, this isn't JUST Hubitat doing it. I can recreate the same thing using nodejs and an emulated Hue or Alexa device and experience the same issue.


Isn't this basically the same problem as a device not reporting its state properly after being told to go on or off? I get that all the time with z-wave devices. I have refresh jobs set up in RM to keep my dashboard looking sane. The devices are obeying the commands from HE just fine, its the state reporting back thats highly unreliable.


It could be related, but I've seen it when using pretty much any device, z-wave, zigbee, IR, Wifi. My problem is that as long as the device responds, I usually forget to investigate it. :slight_smile: