Vivint Thermostat Fan control Issues

I have a Vivint thermostat that I have connected to HE and have been using for past few months. Even though it was a pain in the butt to connect, it seems to mostly work. Thermostat model is: VS-ELEM02-001. This model seems to be almost identical in looks and everything to Vivint CT200. The only way I was able to get it recognized "properly" was to load the driver that was made for Vivint CT200 Thermostat, by Jason Bottjen that I got on github.

There are 2 issues that I currently have and I am not sure if they are related to each other somehow.

  1. I can control the temperature and change the mode (heat, cool, off) no problem. But when it comes to fan control, I only have two option that work out of three. Auto or ON, the "Circulate" option even though it exists in the settings and shows up in dashboard, does absolutely nothing. Anyway to get this to work or see if this thermostat even supports this mode for the fan? I would assume since it shows up that it does support it...

  2. I have been using HE built in dashboard with Fully browser on my android tablet but since Hubitat Dashboard App recently added motion detection and keeping the screen on, I am trying to migrate to it instead. I got it all set up and it looks great. Got the thermostat tile added and it is missing the fan controls completely. I can change the thermostat mode and temperature, but nothing for the fan shows up. On the HE built-in dashboard thermostat tile had controls for temp, thermostat mode, and fan controls, but not on this dashboard. Is that not added or am I missing something here?

Thanks for any help or input.

I think I found an answer to the first question. I downloaded the manufacturers user manual and the fan does not seem to have the circulate option, it only has Off, On, and several timer options like 15min, 30min, 60min. I'm guessing HE displays Circulate option by default if your device is a thermostat but it doesn't do anything.