Visonic MCT-340 reset

I purchased the Visonic MCT-340 contact sensor a month or so ago. I've already replaced the battery ince. Not sure if the battery it came with was good. I've had to remove the battery to reset this device several times. Today I noticed on my dashboard that the door was open. Shoot can have the door open it's cold outside. Went to garage to close and saw the door was actually closed. I loaded up my dashboard on my mobile phone, opened then closed the door. Nothing changed. Took battery out, put it back in, opened door the shut it. Now it registered again. Why do I have to keep doing this? Non of my other Zigbee devices have issues.

I have several of these. Never have problems. Batteries last about a year. Except one I have outside for a temperature sensor. The cold drains the battery faster.

I have 4 and have never had an issue with them. As with @j715, batteries last approx 1 year.

To reset them, you remove the battery, hold down the tamper switch, re-insert the battery, then release the tamper sw. The led should blink. If you put the hub in zigbee discovery mode, it should re-discover the device and use its pre-existing name etc.

Do you have decent zigbee mesh in all areas? Maybe consider adding a repeater nearby if its a recurring issue.

@jon1. All I have to do is just take the battery out and put it back in and I'm good to go for awhile. No holding in the tamper switch. It doesn't get removed from the hub. When doing this it like kick starts it again.

I have 2 zigbee repeater plugs near by.

Maybe try a fresh battery then? Or actually go ahead and do the reset, even though as you say you dont NEED to, it may clear up the issue.

@jon1 did put fresh battery in about 5 days ago. Do I have to take this OFF the network first?

Hi, no, just reset it and go in to zigbee discover, it will re-find it and use the existing device instance.

@jon1. Roger that

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