Vision Alarm Siren

Does anyone have a Vision Z-Wave Plus Alarm Siren working under Hubitat? It pairs with my hub (eventually) but only as "Device," but I finally figured out that it should be covered by the "LInear/Vision Siren" driver. So I switched it to use that, but I can't get any of the commands to execute, e.g. "Strobe" shows in the log as
but don't actually strobe anything.

Unfortunately, the only proof I have that the siren is really connected to the system at all is that the freaking thing goes off at full volume if I tried to take off the battery plate (which is the only way to access the only "action" switch on the device). It's insanely loud, and I share walls with my neighbors, so even the act of excluding the device is an aurally painful experience. So it's hard to perform my normal routine of poking, prodding, excluding and testing. It can only be done in the daytime!

I'd love to hear that someone has it working, so that I know that there's an earplug at the end of the loud loud tunnel.

What's the model #.

It's a ZM1601US-5. I had it working properly with a VeraPlus, and had configured custom settings (strobe only, etc), so I know the device itself works.

That's the only model that supports the security command class which most likely wasn't implemented in that driver.

Until that's been fixed, you might be able to get the device to join non-secure by moving farther away from the hub during inclusion.

Either that or take my SmartThings DTH, replace all instances of physicalgraph with hubitat and change line 655 to:

if (getDataValue("zwaveSecurePairingComplete") == "true") {

You might also need to replace like 274 with:

return delayBetween(cmds, 200)

I haven't tested that so you should probably wait to try it until a time where it's ok for the siren to accidentallly go off...

Ah, thanks for the input! At least it provides a plausible reason. I may indeed take a stab at your other DTH, but I'll have to make sure it still supports the "Both"->"Strobe only" mapping. At this point in my setup, the likelihood of a false positive is way too high for me to have the siren in "Siren" mode for anything right now, so the device is only usable for me right now as a strobe.

I'll give it a try when, err, most of the world around me isn't asleep or relaxing.

I believe it has all the functionality that's built into the Hubitat driver.

I know the feeling, most of mine have the speaker wires clipped so they can't make noise...

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