Virtual Thermostat

Good day ladies and gents. I have a question regarding Virtual Thermostat. I want to use it for my rules instead of the physical one. Reason is if I have to reinstall my thermostat app or install another app, I don't have to re edit my rules again. I am thinking of making 2 rules with variables. One is physical to virtual, another is virtual to physical so any changes with either will reflect accordingly. Is there any other way besides this where I don't need to do those rules or is there any app you can recommend? Thanks in advance.

I can't recommend an app, but I am involved with some alpha testing here and I did the same. I only use one rule, though, but mirror the virtual with what is happening to the physical. That way if you have to remove or change something, you don't break your rule. It's always advisable to test when that happens, but it's worked for me so far. If that helps?

Thanks. I'm just lazy. I don't want to go through writing rules and setting up variables. I just hope there is an app where you can just select a thermostat you want to mirror.

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I am looking for such a rule to mirror the behavior of one thermostat exactly to another.

Would you mind posting the screenshot of the rule you created?

Theoretically it shouldn't be hard for someone to make a small app to mirror everything in a thermostat to/from a virtual device. There are only 10-12 events that matter, if I remember correctly.

No time here right now, but throwing that out there for some other dev as this has been asked for multiple times, and is a pretty good idea.

Where apps get cumbersome and time consuming is when people want every single thing in it to be an option/optional....

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