Virtual Switch Not recognizing

Morning. I have added the 360app, as well as my phone presence to trigger a virtual switch. It does not seem to recognize the virtual switch that I have created, as it executes the door unlock. Can someone review my script, and see where I went wrong please. Thank you

Can you explain a bit more about what you're trying to do? (Just in terms of how you want the automation to work; don't think about Rule Machine specifics at the moment.) I'm not sure I understand the role of the virtual switches, but if any are on, your "Unlock" action doesn't look like it should run (you really don't need either of those actions in the IF, but they won't hurt). Turning on logging for actions and possibly triggers on your rule and looking at "Logs" may give you some clues.

Thank you for responding. So I created a virtual switch. Then I found that when I was home, and I locked the door, that my phone would go into sleep mode or whatever (Apple), and then the door would unlock again. So for some reason now, even if the virtual switch is on, it still triggers the unlock portion, even if I am home. I just want us to arrive home, the doors will unlock (which they do, no issues there), but if I am at home, and Carol is not, and the door is then locked, that it will not keep unlocking the door.

My virtual switch was being set by my iPhone and by 360, when my iPhone went into sleep mode, it changed the switch to I am not home, and then home when I turned phone back on. This is why the door kept unlocking when I was already home. So I removed the iPhone presence to change the switch, and let the 360 determine where I was at, and run the virtual switch. Solved.

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