Virtual Mode Device Type

Hey all,

I would like to test mode changes w/o affecting my current house/mode setting, thus the desire for a new virtual device type called "Virtual Mode". We have almost all other virtual device types

Is there another way to do this or would this be useful? @bravenel

What is your desired use? To be able to confirm mode changes using RM or another app without changing your 'production' house modes?

Or do you want to use these 'test' modes to test new automations/house/device states that will use these instead of/in addition to your production modes?

If you are using RM, you could probably use a global string variable, and set that to whatever test mode you want. Use the global variable to confirm changes and test automations just like a virtual device.

This wouldn't be possible, as mode is a singular system entity. I have an extra mode called Test Mode that I sometimes use. I just make sure to test with it when it isn't going to disrupt my wife. And, I've on occasion forgotten and messed things up. I understand the need. Just be careful when you test stuff.

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you can just test rules by putting a log or a msg to you that hey mode would change here.. that is how i usually test stuff.
mode changes works no real need to test the actual change..

Also you could add new modes as that is allowed and test changing to those..

Thanks for the info Bruce

@kahn, great idea on the msg in the rule, hadn't thought of that

Thanks, Rick

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