Virtual Minimote

Over on ST I used a virtual Minimote to control stuff from my cell phone.
I only used it to set my alll my brewing equipment so it was sily to dedicate a full remote (and chargine) for a monthly push or 2.
That all stopped when the "NEW" app came in and the DTH didn't work anymore.
Now I'm here :wink: and wondering if there is a virtual remote device?
I can create a dashboard from 8 virtual switches but that seems really archaic.

You could create a single virtual button device and set the number of buttons to 8. Then, you can use the "Button" dashboard template to push a specific button (that's an option you'll see when configuring the tile). So, one button device with eight Dashboard tiles should get what you want without the need for a specialized virtual driver or the need to create eight devices.


That worked for a basic dsahboard, thanks.
Just have to mess with the CSS so I can change the name to something descriptive.

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