Virtual Keypad Exit Chime

In my Virtual Keypad I have this option set...

Yet when I hit the "Arm Away" there is no chime every 2 seconds, I'm guessing the Keypad doesn't see what device to chime. I've tried to add a rule that would point to this setting but that didn't work either.

How do I get the keypad to see my chime devices.

Hi @KelvinDay3

The keypad chime, is just a signal device, it has no actual chime functionality and needs Rule Machine or Simple Rules to actually provide the audible chime functionality. This is a virtual switch device, which will toggle on/off when the chime function is running on whatever delay you set (2 seconds default) during a count down for selected commands.

You will need to setup a RM rule, to monitor this keypad chime virtual switch, and when it turns on/off, you can then trigger your actual chime/light device to operate as you want.

Let me know if there are additional issues when you are setting this up.

Works like a charm, I knew I was close but just couldn't figure what I was missing.

Thank you Much!

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