Virtual Garage Door controller question

I'm a couple months into the Hubitat thing, but I've hit a question I can't find the answer to. I have a garage door that I've wired a Fibaro Smart Implant into. Incredible little device. It functions as a simple relay, so it basically "pushes the button". I also have an Aqara contact sensor that tells me when the door is closed. All good.

What I really want to do, is to set up a virtual garage controller and use rule machine to glue it to the switch/contact sensor combo. I can get the switch working just fine based on open/close actions, but I'd like to set the state of my door based on the sensor, since any interruptions or stopping half way will bring my virtual door out of sync with the actual one...

I don't see an option to set the state of the virtual garage controller through RM without firing an "open" or "close" command. Any ideas?

Use this driver instead: