Virtual Buttons not changing Mode

I have virtual buttons set-up to change the mode and then the mode changing the what happens in the Hubitat Safety Monitor.

The strange thing everything was working fine yesterday. Today I give it a try and it was not working. Seems that the button numbers went missing on three of the four buttons. I added them back in the dashboard and the log now shows they are working as expected (no errors) but the buttons are not changing the mode. Except I can press the button to change the mode to "Away" but then I cannot get it back out of "Away" when I press the "Day" button. Logs show the button presses are without error, but I can get the buttons to change the mode from "Away" back to "Day" or even "Night".

Any suggestions as to the issue?

Well for grins I deleted the Mode Manager, rebooted, and then added it back in a assigned the virtual buttons to change the mode. Now it is working again. Immediately created a back-up. Hope it now continues to work.