Virtual button not working

Hi there again,

I keep running into problems as I here I am again :smiley:

At the moment I am trying to set up an action in rule machine that is simply triggered by a push of a virtual button via dashboard.

The action itself works. I tested it. But the trigger doesnt seem to do anything. I created a virtual button and used it with "push" in rule machine as a trigger.

If I push it in my dashboard nothing happens. If I set the whole thing up as a switch, though, it works....I need a button though...not a switch....

Thanks guys. You've really helped me out a lot so far!

Have you set the button number on the dashboard and in the rule to the same button? If so can you create a screenshot of the dashboard button settings, the device settings and the rule? Because then it's something else and it makes it easier to debug with the screenshots.

Go to the edit device page for your virtual button, type the button number in below the push command and press push. If that triggers your action, then the problem is in your dashboard. If nothing happens, there is a problem with your rule. Test that and see what happens.

Thank you guys! I didnt see the number option in the its working!

Best regards!

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Hi All,

Total newbie question: I want to set up a virtual button that can be "held" or "double-tapped" to turn an outlet off, delay a few seconds, then turn the outlet back on. (This is to reset my balky cable modem.) I have everything working with a "button pushed" trigger. But it won't work with "held" or "double-tap". I tried changing the triggering event to "held". But nothing happens when I hold the button in my dashboard. Tried changing the triggering event to "double-tap". Same problem. What am I missing?



Held and double tapped are for real world devices that can actually be held or double tapped. The dashboard is a simple touchscreen user interface that can only respond to being tapped (pushed). You would need to setup a rule of some kind to handle the everything with the pushed event.

If virtual button pushed then, turn off outlet, wait 2 seconds and then turn outlet back on. Rule Machine can accomplish this easily.

Thanks for the clarification!

Yes, it was very straightforward to program the desired functionality. It was just the virtual button's unresponsiveness to double-tap and hold that threw me.

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