Viewing Rule cancels all waits

Is there another way around this? I have several rules that have rather long waits or delays. Any time I open the rule to just look at the layout, hitting the "done" button kills all future actions. About a week ago, I did screenshots of all my rules (in case I needed to rebuild anything). After that was done, everything from the day was cancelled. Nothing worked correctly the next day because all my delayed private boolean resets, waits, and any other scheduled events were all cancelled. I didn't change anything, just opened each rule, screenshot, and hit done.

Same tonight. One of my devices didn't work properly so I opened the rule to check it. No changes, just hit done. Now my lamps, and other devices won't turn off as scheduled.

Is there a way to open a rule without killing it's action?

Yes, just open the rule, then navigate to another page (side menu, back button, other links in the UI, a bookmark, etc.). You do not need to click "Done," which as you note, does a sort of re-initialization of the rule that, in part, erases schedules and subscriptions created by the actions.

The warning against using the back button and whatnot refers to the time spent in the action editor, by the way, not the entire rule itself, in case that is why you have been doing this.


That is (or at least mostly is) exactly why I have not been backing out of rules.

I figured it was some sort of re-evaluation when done was clicked because I noticed a "required expression not true/false" statement in the logs after I would exit a rule. I'll try the navigate away method and see if that works. I feel like I've done this too trying to not cancel the timers and it didn't work, but I can't say for sure.

Thanks for the reply!

Also done signals completion of the rule so the rule is starting over (thereby clearing everything)

I "discovered" this fact -- namely, that clicking "Done" from within a RM rule cancels everything -- while laboriously troubleshooting a tricky loop. Doing so had unknowingly tripped up my efforts to isolate the problem, so frustratingly that I eventually reported my problem as a "bug" which @bravenel took seriously at first.

But when I later (read: half a work day devoted to finding my "misbehaving loop bug" which I was essentially causing) asked, "Does clicking 'Done' cancel all pending rule actions?" he about lost his mind. The man ain't got time for n00bs, lol. (Not true at all ... he really does. So I felt extra shame.) :smiley:

Glad to see I wasn't the only user not to realize such a basic "feature" in HE/RM. I had become accustomed to editing running rules all the time back in Multi-Hub Reactor, you see.