Viewing dashboards from different time zones

Does anyone know how I might be able to get clock tiles and device histories to display with “hub time” versus the viewing device’s time?
I travel a great deal, and use the dashboards to check on the house, but if in a different time zone, my feeble mind has a hard time reconciling the time differences shown on my phone or tablet. :crazy_face:

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Technically all actions are based on the hub time. You wouldn't want to turn lights on during the day and off at night.

What are you wanting to see that's not determined by local time ?

Everything executes as it should, at the times they should, in my home time zone. But, if I am two time zones away from home, event history in the dashboards will adjust two hours to match the time on my mobile device. I don’t have to do any controlling from my dashboards, just checking in.

I don't think that's possible in the current firmware. I would suggest it as a feature though. @mike.maxwell @bobbyD @bravenel

Thanks! Just wanted to make sure I wasn’t overlooking a setting somewhere.

Nope you aren't :slight_smile:

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I too have looked at my logs and dashboard from a far and felt very challenged when it comes to adding 3 hours...
It's not a priority to me but I too experienced this.

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I recently installed HE and am building out my new house with devices, setting up dashboards, etc. I traveled this week and noticed the same issue with the dashboard clock and all tile histories changing to the local time zone. Super annoying! I haven't setup remote access yet, other than to the dashboards via the app, so I can't see if I am missing an option somewhere. This seems like a big problem. It is hard to keep track of events when traveling.
My big example right now is a chicken coop door on an outdoor dongle switch that is buggy and isn't always coming on/off. When I look to see if it happened and at the correct time it is always different based on where I am this week...
Has there been an option yet to lock tile history and dashboard clock to the hub time zone?

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I have this same issue. I'm out of town from my house and when I use the dashboard the tile with the date and time the time is shown in my local time zone, not my home's. Is there a way to show the time in my home's local time zone?

I can only help you with part of the problem in displaying a date/time tile in a specific time zone.

But I can't claim the time zone bit myself, that was added by @luarmr

As far as the device history, I'm not sure ...

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Great! Thanks.

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