Video camera doorbell

Which video doorbell is the best to use with hubitat?

Probably depends what you’re trying to do.

What do you have in mind?

Like get alerts, storage of the video at the time of the alerts, a chime, and flicker a light

Getting an alert, sounding a chime, and flickering a light are essentially the same thing, from the perspective of the doorbell.

Once it has notified Hubitat of an event, the hub can do any of the above.

Where it gets tricky is whether a video doorbell supports notifications to an outside system, preferably locally on the LAN, which could include both motion-activated alerts or button pushes.

I don’t use one, but I believe Ring’s doorbell can tick most of the boxes, but not completely locally, if I’m not mistaken.

I’ve been thinking more and more recently about reolink’s PoE doorbell. I think it supports RTSP and ONVIF, two standards that facilitate interoperability with other local cams and network-connected gear (including Hubitat).

There are a few threads about both that have been active recently. Consider using the forum search tool to peruse them.

This is one function that Hubitat can’t really do, not directly at least. It’s not an NVR and you can’t attach storage devices to it.

Camect is a pretty cool device that has AI-assisted motion alerts, which are processed locally, and supports directly attached storage. There’s even an integration that can push motion alerts to Hubitat, also locally. You need to bring your own cameras, but it can work with many devices (see above re: RTSP and ONVIF).


I went with the Amcrest AD410 doorbell.

Someone created a driver for this doorbell where action can be set up with a Hubitat rule and I use it to flash lights in my house because I am deaf since birth.