Very much a Noob

I have the GE Smart Dimmer switch 14295. I am VERY much a new user in building this. I have only had the Hubitat for a couple of weeks. I would like to create a rule for this switch. It's in our Master Bath. As me and the wifey are old, I would like to have the switch trigger the lights to only 50% when it is between certain time frames (10:30pm - 5:30am). New LED lights are bright and don't want to wake the other up. I want it triggered from us utilizing the light switch. I was hoping someone could help barney style.

  • James

This is one way to accomplish what you want, I have the light set to different levels by different modes, which you cculd just replace my conditions (motions sensors/door closed) with your switch turning on. Another way would be to have the condition "the switch turning on" and the dimmer level set to 50% upon true condition, with the "restrictions" added to the specific times you stated.

You can't do that unfortunately. The switch is always going to turn the lights on at the previous level. You can't change the level of the switch without turning it on. The only way to do this is with some other type of control, either from a sensor (motion, contact) or a button controller device. The best you can try to do is when the switch is on, adjust the settings after it is already on. That means it would ramp to the higher rate, and then dim.

Your only other option is to set the lights to that Higher or Lower level at the appropriate time and then turn them off. That way, when you turn the light on with the switch it would be at the correct level. But that means that at the time you designate, the lights would turn on briefly.

I very much appreciate the info, and so quickly. I'll play around with it. Still learning but this has been educational so far.