Very excited, just got myself an Aqara Magic Cube

I'm relatively new to Hubitat so this was my 1st attempt at loading a driver and getting a device to work with it. It's obvious I'm missing something. I thought I had found the correct driver but now not sure. Loaded some driver, successfully added the new zigbee device and pointed it to the newly loaded driver but it says 0 buttons (think it should say 6 or 7). Ordered this thing about 3 weeks ago and have been dying to put it in operation. Looks like I may need a step by step procedure on locating the correct driver(s) and getting this baby working as it should.
Here's one screen shot, let me know what to do.


I have the Xiomi Mi Cube. I use this driver by Veeceeoh
You can use rule machine to program it or the app by BTPWorld : [RELEASE] Magic Cube

These ARE FUN!

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