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Good evening all,

Is it normal for the Route Settings under the Setting header to change on the fly. IE. I enter a device a specific Route is determined by Hubitat , now if I check later the route could have change or even disappeared.

What is the problem?


Are you referring to the "Route" column on the Settings/Z-Wave Details page?

Both Zigbee and Z-Wave have the ability to change their routes dynamically, usually Zigbee is a bit more active in this regard. It should not be a problem unless your devices are not responsive.

Is this what you mean? Is everything okay functionally?


Good morning erktrek,

Yes, Route" column on the Settings/Z-Wave Details page.

I was made to understand that if no route existing for a device, it is most likely that the specific device was not paired, or not paired properly.

I can understand the route changing from one route to another, that would make sense, on the other hand.

What doesn't seem to make sense is when the Route which I would assume is established by the controller after pairing a device, goes from an established route which is visible in the "Route" column on the Settings/Z-Wave Details page to the route totally disappearing when revising the Settings/Z-Wave Details page.


Yes that is possible. What is the device you are using? Is it a battery or hard-wired device?

Hi erktrek,

Yes most devices are battery operated, and most devices are sensors like door and window sensors


To conserve energy, battery devices don't report as regularly as powered devices so you might not see some information from time to time.

Are your devices working?

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Good morning erktrek,

Can you tell me, once you have done changes on your Hubitat system, do you reboot in order to make sure changes have been saved.

No I do not reboot. As far as I know rebooting is not usually necessary at least according to the staff at Hubitat, Inc.

Some members of the community have found it useful to shutdown the hub and pull the power (from the plug side, not the hub side) for a 30 seconds or so and start up again if they are experiencing trouble with pairing Z-Wave devices etc.

My 3 hubs are online all the time unless I do an upgrade.

3 Hubs WOW!, how do you know if a device you've just entered is saved, or when changes are done to your system's Z-Wave detail page.

Now, in changing subject, I was checking Zigbee motion sensors, some by SONOFF and other brands, in their description of the products, they always refer to a bridge is one necessary if you already have a Zigbee gateway in Hubitat?

If you have some, which one do you recommend ?



If I may "jump into" this conversation.
I prefer Zigbee motion sensors to Zwave ones because they seem to react faster.
Especially if you have them trigger a light to go on when entering a room, I prefer Zigbee to Zwave.
No additional bridge is required, if they adhere to standard Zigbee protocol (e.g. Zigbee 1.2 or Zigbee 3).
(It is worth noting that Aqara sensors, although they say that they adhere to Zigbee standards, don't really adhere to them. That's why some people have difficulty maintaining Aqara sensors on their network. Aqara seems to be the only one that this applies to.)
In terms of what works well, I have used Tuya, Sonoff, Heiman, Aeotec (zwave), Third Reality Centralite ,and NYCE.
Sometimes, I have gotten Tuya from many vendors each with a slightly different hardware!
Many times, zigbee motion sensors just aren't available (just try and get a Centralite or a NYCE!).
So, a lot depends on what you can get at the time. Currently Third Reality is available and works well and is reasonably priced (depends where you are in the world).

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Thanks jtmpush18, I appreciate your assistance concerning the Zigbee motion sensor.


Maybe on lower cost devices thats true. I have Hue (Zigbee) and Ring Gen 2 motion sensors (Zwave) and they have the same reaction time, or if there is a difference, it is not enough to be noticeable.

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Thanks Icw731


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