Vera....No longer a $300 paper weight

After leaving Vera for Hubitat in March been looking for a way to get some sort of use out of this overpriced $300 device and I finally came up with a great use case for the (no longer needed) VeraSecure.

The VeraSecure has an internal battery that is supposed to provide 4 hours of power to the Vera without electricity. VeraSecure also has a USB 2.0 port. I happen to have a USB adapter turning one USB into 4 power USB ports. So now I can use USB to power all 3 (2 at the moment) of my Hubitat Hubs, and in the event of an electricity outage Hubitats will have their own UPS now.

After initial testing I get just over 2 hours with 2 hubs and the Vera powered up on battery power.

Now if someone smart enough could create a hubconnect way to use the built in siren from this my goal would be complete.


thats some outside of the box thinking right there.
I like it.

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