Vemmio Smoke sensor

I have several Vemmio smoker sensor and cannot seem to get them to work with Hubitat C8. I have tried generic and several other brands. Smoke triggers the alarm it self but I attached a Zipato siren to trigger and nothing happens.

And yes by the way the Zipato does work with other rules I have created.

Help please!

Can you please expand on how you set this automation up? Which built-in or community app did you use? Can you post a screenshot of your automation?

I gave up with Basic rules.

I am using the Hubitat Safetl mointor.

I linked the Smoke sensor to trigger the Siren (the sirens works on its OWN).

The smoke sensor simply does not trigger the Siren, I added the smoke sensor using devices section of course and ran through the inclusion process successfully.

Its baffling me why this is not working. I have included relevant screen shots.

I cant seem to add images, it states cannot ad media items to post.

So I have paste relevant details below.

Device Details

Create Time 2023-08-09 11:41:10am BST
Last Update Time 2023-08-09 11:41:21am BST
Last Activity At 2023-08-09 11:41:11am BST
Controller Type ZWV
Data * deviceId: 5
  • deviceType: 2
  • inClusters: 0x5E,0x85,0x59,0x86,0x72,0x5A,0x73,0x80,0x30,0x71,0x84
  • manufacturer: 783
  • MSR: 030F-0002-0005
  • zwNNUR: 2
  • zwWakeupInterval: 43200|
    |In Use By|* [Hubitat® Safety Monitor Armed Smoke ]
Scheduled Jobs
Handler Next Run Time Prev Run Time Status Schedule
logsOff 2023-08-09 12:11:10pm BST PENDING Once

I also noticed theres nothing generated in the event logs when I trigger the smoke alarm, either by pressing the test button or literally passing smoke through it.

right I fixed it.

I was using Generic Z-wave smoke - DIDNT work

I changed to Generic Z-wave Smoke/CO detector and its now working.

I am well happy, thanks for all your help.

So remmember what to select for Vemmio Smoker sensor 5th Generation


MM. looks like I will have to go back to using the Basic rule as with the inbuilt Hubitat app once the smoke sensor stops alerting the Siren doesnt stop and just continues.

For HSM you have to tell it to clear alerts to make it stop. Might be able to make a rule to clear it, not sure have never tried.

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Is this sensor available only in Europe, for their Z-Wave frequency?

Sorry what’s does HSM mean please?

I bought it off of eBay in the U.K.

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I believe it's Home Safety Monitor.
It's a Hubitat app.

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I was assuming when you said "inbuilt Hubitat app" you were talking about Hubitat Safety Monitor app (aka HSM). You can make super simple persistent alerts in there. Once triggered typically you have to "clear" the alert manually to make it stop. It is designed this way on purpose for cases where you may have the house "armed" but a window is opened and then closed. You would want it to constantly alert you until you are ready to clear it. as opposed to just one alert and then assume everything is fine once the window is closed.


They look snazzy, but not low-profile. Plus, maybe not available for US Z-Wave frequency?