Various issues after latest 2 updates - Current Version - HELP

Since the last two updates I have had multiple issues with multiple devices. Light groups are not communicating so only some of the lights turn on or turn off instead of all, my smartthings motion sensors work 1 out of 10 times, my zwave buttons work half the time and the other half only control half the lights. Not sure what is going on. Any help is appreciated. Everything was working great before the last two updates. I powered off my hub last night and left if off for 30 minutes to reset. No change today some things work, some don't and then the ones that don't work will start working and other ones will stop. Don't know what to do.

It is getting worse. Now random lights are turning on as well. Hub is possessed.

Hi there, the last updates are unlikely to have caused any problems, but if you'd like to rule that out, please go to the Diagnostic Tool and select "Restore Previous version" then select the update prior to the last two updates. If the problems persist, the problem will require additional details and further troubleshooting. Please check this document for some good tips where you could start troubleshooting apps and drivers and what details you may want to provide:

Just did a restore. I will keep you posted. Thank you for your help.

The restore did not help as you predicted. Hub is updated to the latest release. Seems like things are getting better with no other action from my side. Still have some buttons that are not working when double tapping and some of the motion sensors still not working. Will give it a little more time and start resetting sensors and buttons.

current is .105. That said, after the update, shut down the hub and unplug power for 5 mins. See how well it does after that.