Variable Not Updating


I am trying to do a rule where a button is pressed it updates a variable.
I canot get it to work. I have tried boolean and number.

I do run action and also the button and the variable does not update.

Any thoughts?

Can you show a screenshot of the rule?

changed it to an if with else.

before i had 2 if statements.
if = true then
if = false then

doesnt seem to like double if?

You can have as many IF statements as you like if it's formatted correctly. Please show a screenshot of the rule.

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not working


also my ring outdoor siren wont show in rule engine either.

tried custom action, accuator.

So, your intended flow is?

  1. Press button
  2. Toggle variable (if true make false, if false make true)

What is your trigger set to? Is it the same between both rules? What is not working exactly? Can you enable logging, recreate the "failure", and then post the logs?

One rule. push button to activate.

can see the issue. basically the rule infinite run.

thanks all

The first one will not work ... well it did but for a fraction of a second. You changed Panic to true and then in the 2nd if you said if it's true change it to false.

The ELSE makes it set it to true if it was false and otherwise set it to false which is why it's working.

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