Variable from Google Home Command

Is there some way to be able to setup a command spoken to GH that Rule Machine can parse out a word (or number) to trigger a rule and set a variable to be used later in the rule?

e.g. "Hey Google...set to 'reading'" and that will trigger the rule and set the variable to a string of "reading".

I don't think so... I use Echos rather than GH but similar concept. One thing you can do though is create virtual dimmers and use voice to set their level to set a numeric variable. I wrote a set of little drivers around this to help me manage my pool's chemistry. Whenever I test the chlorine or PH, I tell Alexa "set chlorine to X" or "set PH to Y" and it sets the level of the virtual dimmer...I then read the values of the dimmers to record those values for monitoring purposes.

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I’ve done something similar to what @Vyrolan describes, but in Alexa. I have setup a routine that translates what I say to the dimmer value. So if I say “Let’s watch Apple TV”, it sets the dimmer level to 2. Then in Hubitat, I use Rule Machine to translate that dimmer level to such and such command, another to other commands, like pressing “exit” on the remote, or raising the volume, etc.

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You could use a Raspberry Pi to get the Google Home Assistant relay up and running. As far as I understand it, this should do the trick.