Vacation Lighting Director Setup

Are the "lights to be on during active times?" the light that will remain on or the lights that will cycle during vacation lighting? Can't seem to get this to work correctly.


Looking for the same answer, or some documentation on vacation light director usage.

Found at: GitHub - imnotbob/vacation-lighting-director at beta



  • Modes - to operate in (ST Modes this could be active in) (required)
  • Time - restrictions to operate in (optional)
    • Can set specific time or sunrise, sunset with offsets
  • Switches - List of switches that will be chosen from randomly for on/off (required)
  • Cycle time (mins) - time switch is left on (5- 180 minutes) if randomly selected (required)
  • number of active lights - number of lights turned on for a cycle from the list of switches (required)
  • lights - to be on entire active time; (optional)
    • these are lights that will stay on during the active times defined by Modes, Time, presence sensors
      • Examples are garage/porch lights, Holiday lights, etc.


  • Presence sensors that will disable operation; (optional)
    • If cycle was active, lights will be left on if someone in list arrives;
    • If cycle wanted to become active, if any of these sensors are present, the cycle will not start.

Modes, Time, and presence sensors are AND'ed together to determine if vacation can run now


  • Setup
    • is run in ST AWAY mode;
    • Time is sunset - until 11:30;
    • Lights are entrance, bedroom, livingroom, kitchen, hallway
    • Cycle time is 33 mins
    • number of active lights is 2
    • presence sensors are Bob, Jane
  • Operation
    • At sunset, check if we are in AWAY mode, within Time, and Bob and Jane are not present
      • if all are true, turn on 2 randomly selected switches from the list; turn on lights list
      • in 33 mins; select 2 randomly selected lights from list, turn off old selection and on new selection; lights remain on
      • if time expires, or ST mode changes; turn off all lights we have on (2 + lights)
      • if Bob or Jane arrive while active; stop processing, but leave lights on that are on (we don't want them to come in and have the lights go out)

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