[v1.2.5] [iOS 15.2.1] “Find Hubs” mechanism crashes mobile app

When I try to use the Find Hubs mechanism to find my Hubitat on my LAN, the app immediately freezes. Even after waiting 60 seconds or so, still nothing. Whereas previously it would work almost instantly.

I have the same IOS version but my version for the mobile app is 1.2.5. It just updated yesterday, so I assume it is the latest. Maybe you are using a beta version.

Anyway, I tried find hubs in the mobile app yesterday for the first time and it does not crash but it never finds any hubs. Just tried again today to make sure. It just sits at searching.

AFAIK, not running a beta version. In the App Store it says 1.2.6 released 2 day ago, but I can't find any changelogs anywhere.

That's weird, mine says 1.2.5 released yesterday.

Gah!! My bad- I have v1.2.5, build 129… d’oh!

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