Using Virtual Devices to interface with Real Devices

I reset a device the other day and found it being used by 3 rules in RM. So I edited those rules with the "new" device. After that exercise, I was wondering if creating a Virtual Device (VD) and a small "interface rule" for each of my devices might make it easier to replace devices later down the road. All the" interface rule" would do is pass changes back and forth between the VD and the Real Device. All rules and dashboards would reference the VDs. When a Real Device needs replaced, all I need to edit is the interface rule. Thoughts?

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I have a similar routine using "Groups" even if the group contains only a single device. I can then use the "Group" for rules/Alexa names. Adding or removing "members" updates all rules.

The only issue I have seen is the "Groups" do not get the same "In Use By" list that devices get. Having that is helpful and tracking things down.

@bravenel would it be possible for "In Use By:" to show up for "Groups"?

If not @daleberlin I like your alternative solutions as a workaround.

I'm not sure what you are talking about. Consider this simple one device group:

When you select a device to be included in a Group, that device will show that it is in use by that Group. This below from Ruby:

When you use the Group device in a rule, the Group device will show that it is in use by the rule. This below from Test Group device:

If what you are looking for is some indirection, where the devices in use by a Group would should up as being used in apps that use the Group device, this is not available.


My fault. I was looking at the "Group" in apps, not the device the group creates. Thank you for setting me straight. I found it.