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I’ve created a virtual Venstar Explorer thermostat and successfully added the available driver. Now how do I get the Hubitat to see it.

I don't have this thermostat but usually you will need to edit the preferences of the virtual device to have the IP of the thermostat

Thanks, I’ve done that as well, still no joy

I'm not certain I understand what you have and what you've done:

  1. You have a thermostat that is not on the compatible list?
  2. What driver did you use to "successfully added the available driver" - link please
  3. If this was not a Hubitat driver, perhaps you should post on the thread for the community driver you use to receive support for it.

Link: groovy.json.JsonSlurper
This was a habitat user-created driver licensed by Scottin Pollack, posted by dtarin.

Add a new post on the thread that you found the driver requesting help to install/use it.


The logs show communication with the Venstar, but Hubitat will not update preferences, nor show device state. Anybody?

Looks like the driver in the post linked below is the most recent version of the driver. As @aaiyar mentioned, you’ll get much better support posting your question in this thread, as those Venstar users will be familiar with using this device.

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