Using Variables to Set Shade Level

Either it's late and I'm tired, or I'm trying to do something that can't be done.

I read about others using variables to set dimmer levels, so I figured I'd do the same with shade position. I have 5 individual shade/blind devices that, among other attributes, report Position (0-100, where 0=Closed and 100=Fully Open). Since Groups don't work with blinds, I created a virtual shade called Blinds (creative, I know), figuring I'd use its Position to set the Position for the five physical blinds. The oh-so-simple RM4 logic would look something like this:
Trigger: Blinds level changes

  1. Set BlindLevel variable to level of Blinds
  2. Adjust 5 shades level to BlindLevel
  3. Prepare to receive appreciation from wife

Problem is, when I get to step #2, the field won't allow me to enter "%BlindLevel%". It's looking for numerical input only. Is this approach DOA? looks like it currently doesn't support using global variables for shade position in RM. @bravenel, any way to add that to the list, please? Thanks a bunch.

In case this helps anyone else, there is a solution to the problem of dynamically setting the level of your shades/blinds. Don't use the "Adjust Shades" action in RM4 like I did. Instead, use Run Custom Action and then you can use a variable to set the level of the shade. Easy peasy. Just didn't think about it until now. Probably cuz the sun was always in my eyes.

Hope this helps someone else!

There is an action for Set Shade Position, and in 2.1.5 that action accepts a variable for the position (0 .. 100). No need for Custom Action.

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Bruce, would you kindly take a look at the first post? What did I do wrong? I ask because using a variable with Set Shade Position is what I tried first, and I couldn't figure out how to make it work. Which is why I used Custom Action as my fallback. It'd be way cleaner to do it as you suggest.

This feature to use a variable in the Set Shade Position action was just introduced in the next-to-most-recent Hot Fix Release for 2.1.5.

You use it like this:

Duh, sorry. You're basically saying, "it wasn't working then, but it is now."

You guys improve/change things so quickly, it's truly mind-boggling. Tip o' the cap....

Can I create a Scene using shades? Essentially, I want to open Shades to 50% position for a scene. I seem to be able to add a shade as a switch but its only either full open or full close.

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Does it show up under dimmers?

What driver are you using for the blind?

No, it doesn’t show up under dimmers.

Driver is generic Z-wave shade. It’s a Bali Somfy motor though.

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