Using Tasker on Android to sound alarms

I have Tasker on my Android phone. I have rules which send my Hubitat app notifications, such as "window is open, while you are away from home". Sometimes I might not notice that gentle android notification, or if I am at work, my phone might be in mute.

Is there a way for me to setup Tasker, so that for important notifications, I can make my phone make sound, such as beeps, vibration etc. ?

Will be bonus, if this can be triggered based on "Follow me" app's priority notification setup.

You can do almost anything with Tasker. While I can't say that I can suggest an exact solution for you, I would suggest looking into the Auto Notification plugin, and detecting notifications on your phone, putting rules in Tasker for Hubitat notifications to respond in different ways.

As an example, I have used Auto Notification to detect and respond to changes in streaming from my phone / tablet, reporting back to HE the current app and media being streamed to my Google Chromecast's.


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Adding "Join" to Tasker might achieve what you want.


Check this out...originally written as a guide for ST / WebCore / Tasker but ST / WebCore are only there to generate the notifications...then tasker takes is a nice step-by-step on how to setup AutoNotificaiton in Tasker...just replace any references to ST / WebCore notifications with your HE notifications.


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