Using Scenes without changing Colour?

Howdy folks,

So I am trying to use different scenes per mode with motion lighting.

Most of my lights are colour temperature adjustable, and I have an app running that adjust then throughout the day.

The problem is, I can’t find a way to store the light levels only in the scenes, without the current colour. So currently when the scene is recalled my motion lighting the colour temperature jumps, then jumps back when it next gets updated by the colour temperature app.

So, can anyone think of a way to get the scenes to treat the lights as level/dinner only as ignore the colour? Sadly they don’t show up in the dinner section as I hoped they would.



For a kludgy workaround, you might be able to choose a similar driver for your devices that only supports CT instead of RGBW (color plus CT)--something like "Generic Zigbee CT Bulb (dev)" instead of "Generic Zigbee RGBW Bulb," for example--just for the duration of scene configuration, then switch it back. Devices will only show up under one list in Groups and Scenes, the list that matches the most capabilities the driver exposes.

As a better workaround, maybe you could figure out another way to do this. "Scenes" conventionally do include the entirety of a device's settings, but you could still maybe work a Hubitat scene into this by using the "Select button to push upon scene activation" option in that Scene app. Couple this with a virtual button, then make a Rule or (even easier) Button Controller instance that responds to that button being pushed and dims the lights to your desired level. The "Set"/"Not Set" reporting in Hubitat won't be accurate since these devices aren't part of the scene, but it should work if you don't care about that. Or: just use that virtual button (or whatever you want) to trigger these level changes in the first place and forget about the Scenes app entirely.

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Sadly these are Hue groups, so I don’t think I’m going to be able to switch the driver in this instance.

I think I am going to have to dip into rule machine, and trigger it from a button as you described.

It’s just a shame, I was trying to keep this clean and in one place, feels like it shouldn’t be this difficult to get a few lights to come on at different levels if it’s day or night mode. :sob:

Would be really helpful if you could choose which parameters a group actually records,m. It’s how the world of lighting desks work and it allows some really powerful and complex functionality.



Yeah, you're correct that this won't work for Hue groups as there is only one driver for them on Hubitat. You could import the individual Hue bulbs, but aside from possibly being messier, there is the issue that Hue recommends rate-limiting Bridge commands to 10 per second for bulbs--but also 1 per second for groups, so really you could see problems in either case with too many devices. I would suggest a Hue scene as a way to work around this, but as you probably know, Hue scenes also capture the entirety of the device state (the fact that Hubitat's native Hue Bridge integration doesn't support Hue scenes is another consideration but not insurmountable).

I'd use Button Controller instead of Rule Machine to start. If all you're doing is setting level, you don't need the power RM offers, and BC is a few less clicks to get started (but really not that different afterwards).

Thanks for, "As a better workaround." This set me on the path to a solution. I set up a virtual switch for my Island lights turning on a simple automation for the level I want without adjusting color. I have rules that adjust that by time of day. I didn't find a way to have a virtual dimmer directly control the lights.