Using RM with Alexa


Does the "Stop Actions" reset the rule then? Last night the rule was going in a loop. It was asking me my question over and over. And it was asking it more than once. It was quite funny actually! What was weird is that even after I paused the rule, it still fired. I finally used the HE Pause by putting the checkmark beside the rule to stop it. Here are the logs:


Not sure why that went into a loop. Looks like Bruce found that bug with wait actions too. Try adding the stop command and update your firmware and see what happens.


Still repeating. Although it will start the playlist. And it doesn't seem to be cancelling the rule even with the cancel in.


Can you show the events for "Jane's iPhone"? Is it pulling one of those arrive/depart/arrive/depart/arrive/depart....loops when it's on the edge of the zone?

Also, your delayed action of Speak on Echo.... won't wait for the delay you have. That is scheduled right at the beginning as happening exactly 2 minutes after the rule fires. I would remove the delayed action and put in an action of delay before the echo speaks. I don't even know if it would wait for the wait command before it since those are all scheduled at the beginning. But that could be causing some of the problems you are seeing.


That's a damn good hypothesis. Happens with my phone - I'm on Project Fi near strong Sprint & T-Mo towers. So I use @jwetzel1492's Combined Presence combining geofencing and a presence sensor.


The stop actions command should be the first in the list. You want that timer to start immediately.


Here is the event log for my phone. Seems to only trigger once on arrival and departure. Why would it be repeating the question? @jrau272 I will change the Stop Actions and see what happens.


I changed the Stop Actions to the beginning. It works by asking the question and playing the playlist. However, it still repeats the question over and over and over.