Using Pico with Sengled Bulbs

I have had success in wiring Lutron Caseta dimmers and pairing Picos but I now have a situation where I want to control a Sengled Smart Bulb using Hubitat to control the Pico Remote buttons. Of course the smart bulb needs constant power, so I would like to uninstall a single pole conventional switch, rewire the wires to get constant power, and mount the pico over the now-switchless gang box. I will then use the basic Hubitat lighting app to map the Pico buttons to control the Sengled bulb. I know how to mount the Picos; I am just not certain how to "tie" the wires to obtain the constant power. Do I merely Cap the load and hot wires together and separately cap the copper ground wire? It seems THAT would be the way to handle this but I want to be safe not sorry!

Thanks for any help!

Yes, that's exactly how I did it. Just be sure to turn off the breaker and verify no power on any of the wires in the box before your start. Safety First!

You should consider using the Button Controllers App (Hubitat) or the Advanced Button Controller/ABC App (@stephack) to maps you Pico buttons to your Sengled Bulb. Doing so will allow you to emulate a standard Caseta Wall Dimmer (i.e. top button is On, Bottom button is off, Middle button is favorite dim level, Up and Down buttons to start dimming up or down until they are released.) It is pretty cool when they behave like this.

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Thanks for the quick reply. I am loving the Hubitat but might have to get a job (retired) to pay for all the goodies I want to pair with the Hubitat!

I know the feeling! I started with a SmartBridge Pro2 + a few Pico remotes. Now I have replaced all of my light switches with Caseta dimmers and switches and Pico remotes. I have hit the max 50 device count. If it weren't for that limit, my wife would probably kill me! :wink:

(Oh, and you can actually connect multiple SmartBridge Pro's to a single Hubitat hub if you need more than 50 Caseta devices!)

Easy solution - get another Caseta SmartBridge Pro. We'll send flowers.


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