Using Less Gang - Using Dummy Load

Hi all,

I have two moes 3 gang switch. One of them is working fine the other one not at all. I am using the same drivers; only difference is i connected ( the one not working properly ) only two loads which means i am using only two gangs. Third one is not connected at all. Do i need dummy load?
Ps: Neutral wired.

Hi Reuven!

I would suggest to try to re-pair the device to the hub. If they are identical and using the same driver you shouldn't experience any problems, either using only two gangs. The three should be recognized normally, either without any attribution to one gang.

Hi. Thanks for replying.
I did it 3 times already.
In the beginning hub finds only the parent ( all 3 together ). In this time i can turn on/off them all together successfully.
But than it finds only two children ( the ones are connected) and i can't control none of them even at parent.
Than i restarted hub and it finds all of them ( also the one not connected to anything) and still can't control anything even hub stops respond sometimes.
So i uninstall the switch.

I succeeded to make it work.
I tried adding dummy loads but it didn't work so i changed the driver to "Generic Zigbee Multi-Endpoint Switch" and it work like a charm.
But i didn't understand why the other one works with another driver and this not....
Anyway it works so....
Thanks you guys.

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