Using HubConnect?

I've been focused on trying to move over to Hubitat fully and moving my devices over.

I am noticing that I'm having difficulty connecting my Schlage Z-wave lock, and looking it up it does seem like it is a common issue. I do have a few devices that doesn't work with Hubitat such as Ring doorbell and Nest (now that it's supported by ST), I was thinking, would it make sense that I keep ST, just for devices that cannot connect to Hubitat reliably such as that lock and Ring/Nest, as well as location (proximity) for our phones and use HubConnect to have ST pass on all that information. All automations will be done exclusively on Hubitat. Does it work very well that way?


I am not sure what I am doing wrong. I have HubConnect on my hubitat, and I have HubConnect in the SmartApps in SmartThings and OAuth is enabled. Checking through My Devices, and opening something like my Ring Doorbell, it does have Hubitat in "In Use By" so I would assume they're connected already.

But in the Apps in Hubitat, clicking on Ring Doorbell in Device Types (or any other devices that I have in ST) shows nothing listed. I must be missing a step somewhere?

I'd review the documentation and verify that everything is installed.

The Hubitat Hub that you select to be HubConnect Server gets 2 Apps and 1 driver, as a base.

The Remote hub, either Hubitat or ST, gets 1 App and 1 Driver (DTH) as a base.

For each type of device selected to be mirrored, a universal driver is needed on the "TO" hub.. that is you mirror FROM this hub TO that hub, so the TO hub gets a universal driver...


RE: Schlage. If you've failed to connect it check your z-wave table to make sure there are no ghosts. If so, clear ghosts before proceeding. Use the following to pair your schlage (recommended having firmware 7.1 or above on the lock)

Step 1 reboot hub

Step 2 Factory reset lock (disconnect power. Press schlage button on pad a couple times then hold schlage button while reconnecting power, Green check will flash 3 times)

Step 3. Bring lock and hub within 3 feet of each other

Step 4. Initiate z-wave pairing on hubitat first. Initiate pairing on lock (programming code + 0) Once discovered let go until it asks to label lock (it can take up to 5 mins)

Note: if this is a newer lock it may prompt for s2 security code. That will be on the original manual or on the back plate attached to the door

Step 5. Check that the driver is correct (switch to be469 driver if generic driver is used, the click configure)

Step 6, Test

Step 7 Return hub to it's destined location, make sure you have a repeater close to the lock and one near the hub and do a z-wave repair

You're done

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That's what I have done. I can confirm I have the server (the main hubitat) has 2 apps and a driver, and SmartThings does have the HubConnect Remote Client in SmartApps but also in the Device handlers, also the HubConnect Remote Client. I read that I do need Hubconnect Remote Hub, but I can't find a link to that code?

My lock (not zwave+) was one of the last things I moved because of all the problems others seemed to be having. Finally, I got frustrated with this lock on ST (took forever to respond to commands if at all) and figured I had little to lose. I did mostly what you describe above (particularly step3) and it not only connected quite easily, this lock never worked better. In fact, if there was just one positive thing I was allowed to say about Hubitat I would describe how well this lock works :grimacing:

There's a directory for it specifically:

That's awesome. If it does start giving slowness to respond issues, get the repeater (unless you have a mains powered z-wave device nearby already, then that's a repeater)

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Gah I feel stupid. I had the Client and Server flipped around in ST :man_facepalming:.

Suddenly now I can see stuff in Hubitat, that I still left in ST but will transfer over. I have the Ring button working there, but the motion sensor in Ring isn't showing up....

I have things from ST visible on Hubitat, everything's good now. But I seem to be unable to make SmartThings see things from Hubitat. I wanted to share 2 switches to ST, because of SharpTools and Tasker intergration. But I can't seem to make it show up in ST.

Logs are your best friend in this situation. Both Hubitat and ST have "Live Logs" that you start in their own browser window. Start them and then try selecting the devices on your Hubitat hub and see what the logs say.

I'm going to guess that the HubConnect driver for the type of device, is not installed on the ST side. If, for example, you want to mirror a dimmer from Hubitat to ST, you will need to install the HubConnect Dimmer for SmartThings (HubConnect-Dimmer-SmartThings.groovy) in the IDE.

I'm thinking the logs, the ST logs, will say that the "Shackrat..." driver can't be found.