Using Hikvision Camera on dashboard for viewing and motion detection

I have hikvision IP CCTV system. I read in another thread that it is possible to see stream from camera in mpeg on dashboard and also it is possible to use motion detection in camera for automation. Please if anybody can point in direction how to do this


I would love to be able to do this as well. I can't figure out how to get the mjpeg stream working through hikvision or through synology.

The ispy website has a large list of cameras with suggested URLs for various modes. Suggest you look up your camera model there and see if they have a suggested format for an mjpeg url.

Thank you. I did already check that site, it is a great resource. It seems all the options are through RTSP which does not work with the dashboards.

I use BlueIris with my Dahua cameras and have pretty much full integration with HE. I do it with the built in Maker API but I think someone also wrote an app for direct integration with blueiris. I use some of my cameras as motion sensors in HE. (I don't use dashboards...)

Hi There
i also use dahua camera, can you please help how did you set it up in HE, i want to use motion sensors from cameras and automate with HE and my lights.

I did this using Blue Iris. However you might want to check because I think there is an app now that might do this without having to use the makerAPI built in app.

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