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I am getting ready to transition from smartthings to hubitat. I have my needed equipment and will be starting the migration this weekend. I am trying to compare what i currently use to how it will work with hubitat, mainly webcore POST requests. I currently use POST request for activating my smartthings scenes from webcore. I would like to continue to do that with hubitat. I read that when i create a scene in hubitat, it creates a device "scene activator" in hubitat. I am wondering if that scene activator is shown as a device in webcore and that device can be called upon in webcore which will then activate the scene in hubitat. That way i would no longer have to worry about using a POST request to activate a scene.

I am still learning and probably will be for a while so please excuse my ignorance with any of my questions.

Thank you


You no longer have to worry about calling devices installed on your hub from web requests, unless you want to do it remotely via a cloud endpoint. For cloud access of your Hubitat devices you have several choices. Dashboard via tiles or Maker API via web requests. Scenes drivers should be available to webCore, so that's one less worry :wink:


Thank you! Thats good news, I'd much rather just put the scene in webcore to activate it than use POST requests. Glad to hear that, hopefully I find that most everything i can do with smartthings i'll be able to accomplish with Hubitat. Thank you again!!


I think you'll be pleasantly surprised that you'll be able to accomplish a lot more, at faster response times, and that's only using one built-in Hubitat app (Basic Rules). What comes after that, is just your bonus for using Hubitat Elevation. :wink:

Also, check out this thread, if you didn't already:


Use the community if you get stuck - there's always a way around!

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