Using button 3 of the 5 button Pico

I have two (five button) picos, both of them are in the same room and are used natively in the Lutron app to control a Caseta Lamp Dimmer. They work great... Last night, using Rule Machine, I assigned button 3 to a ST outlet, and now I have a floor lamp that I can toggle on and off with button 3, both picos, works great.... however...

Every time I push button 3, the outlet toggles but the Caseta Lamp Dimmer also turns on.

How can I use button 3 on the pico to toggle the ST outlet without triggering the lamp dimmer?

Picos that you want to be Hubitat-controlled should be in their own room in the Lutron app; meaning, they are not directly associated with any Lutron device.

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That did it... I lost the functionality of the dimmer arrows, no big deal though, assigned a static level and it works without the weirdness now. Thanks :slight_smile:

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