Using app.updateSettings with multiple values?

I have a group of inputs that can be selected. I then save all the input selections to a map.

I can then retrieve a set of inputs using the 'app.updateSettings'. Everything works great except for when using an 'enum' with multiple selections (multiple:true).


input "triggerMode", "enum", title: "Select speaker activation Type", options: ["Always On","Contact Sensor","Motion Sensor","Presence Sensor","Switch"], required: true, Multiple: false, submitOnChange:true
input "lastActive", "bool", title: "Turn Speaker Off After XX Minutes of Inactivity (off) or Keep Speaker Active based on Last Motion (on)", defaultValue:false, submitOnChange:true
input "tDevices", "enum", title: "Select the motion sensor(s) to activate the speaker", options:motionList, required:true, multiple:true, submitOnChange:true

Then I add it to the map...
[Living Room Speaker:Motion Sensor:false:Living Room Iris Motion Sensor - Speaker on Hub-Devices;Living Room Motion Sensor 3RD on Hub-Devices:NA:15:true:70]

I have no problems retrieving all the other inputs...

pieces = speakerFound.split(":")
app.updateSetting("triggerMode", [value:pieces[0],type:"enum"])
app.updateSetting("lastActive", [value:pieces[1],type:"bool"])

But I can't for the life of me figure out how to update multiple selections! I've tried so many things my head is spinning.

Some things I've tried...
tDev = pieces[2].replace(";",", ")
app.updateSetting("tDevices", [value:devList,type:"enum"])
app.updateSetting("tDevices", [value:[devList],type:"enum"])

Even tried to setup a new list... but nothing seems to work.

What am I doing wrong!?


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