Using a Switch (actually a bulb) to disable motion

Despite my gut telling me no, it's a trap, my wife has asked for me to automate the lights in out bedroom. using 4 RM rules, I have it about 80% of the way there. What I need to figure out is how to disable some of the motion activations. Is it plausible to use light (in this case a Inoveli bulb) to Disable turning lights one or off. What I am thinking is including my wife's lamp in the mix but would like to set it up so that if she turns that Light off, it prevents the lights in the room from being turned on or off with motion. If I can do this, I can actually see maybe three variations on this theme. Any thoughts or suggestion on ow I can do this?

The question is… What is your requirement. Is it that when she is in bed, that a certain light won’t come on? Or is it really that when a certain light has been turned on, another should not.

If it is about her being in bed, then the question is how to confirm at 99% that she is in bed. Maybe she absolutely always turns on that light, maybe a presence sensor would help (like the Aqara FP2), maybe a strategically placed motion sensor would do the trick…?

But to answer your question, yes. It is possible to detect a light bulb turning off and make a rule that triggers based on that to create a restriction. That could be via a Hub Variable or a Virtual Switch. The possibilities are endless! :blush:

Now that said, if you want to do this with Room Lighting (as it is the category you chose for the post), I won’t be the best person to answer. I have not delved into that app as of yet.